Open Pickle Play

Every Wednesday  -  Starts at 6:00 pm  

All levels are welcome. No registration required, just show up ready to have some fun and socialize! Spread the word and bring your friends. If you need a pickle bat/paddle, we have some demos at the Sports Club front desk.


ROCC IntraClub Pickleball Flex League

Our goal is to begin competitive pickle play at our club, with the aim to get our players rated by their results rather than best guess.

What is Flex League?
It is a competitive match play format that allows you to schedule day and times that suit both parties. There is no cost to this league, but you both must be a member of the club to participate. This is an open division, which means teams can be both Male/Male, both Female/Female, or mixed Male/Female. Pick a partner you think will make you a strong team. This league consists of 3 rounds. Each round will last 30 days. There will be several rank levels.  Each rank level will consist of 3-5 teams, so each team will play all other teams in your same rank level in those 30 days.  At the end of each round the winner of each level will move up a level and the bottom will move down a level. Then we repeat the process. All matches will be played with 2 out of 3 sets first to 11. Each set won will be worth 1pt, each match played with be worth 1pt. The standings will be determined by most points won and bottom will be least points won. So in other words play all your matches and win all the sets you can.

Scoring example: 
Team A beats team B, 2 – 0, then team A gets 3 points (1 point for playing match + 2 points for winning 2 sets) & team B gets 1 point just for playing match. 
Team A beats team B, 2 – 1, then team A gets 3 points (1 point for playing match + 2 points for winning 2 sets) & team B gets 2 points (1 for winning 1 set & 1 for playing match)
If you are late to the party after each 30 days we will take new teams where I can accommodate them while keeping the integrity of the event. This is a great way to get competitive match practice while still at your own club and on your schedule.

Please remember to self-rate when signing up!
Open Doubles Division (Fixed partner and you must sign up with a partner)

Interested in playing in our IntraClub Flex Leagues?

If you are interested in participating in our Pickleball IntraClub Flex League, contact Peter at for more information.


Pickleball is here...Fun for all ages!

As the club expands its focus to bring activities all ages can enjoy, we are excited to offer "America's fastest-growing sport" – Pickleball.  Royal Oaks has four shared Pickleball courts on courts #6 and #7.  A portable net with casters, for easy set-up, is on tennis courts #6 and #7 for your convenience.  Below are few common questions before you get started.

What is Pickleball?

This trending sport is a combination of Tennis, Badminton and Ping Pong, all rolled up in one and designed to be played by all ages.

I want to try it, what do I do?

Call the Sports Club at (281)899-3250 and reserve one pickleball court per member.  Reservations may be made 14 days in advance. The court may be booked 1 hour for singles and 1½ hours for doubles. The guest fee is the same as tennis, $10 per guest, $6 for extended family.  Tennis attire applies. Smooth-soled, non-marking tennis shoes are required to play (NO RUNNING SHOES ARE PERMITTED).  

Do I need equipment?

The club has made it easy for you to enjoy this highly-addictive sport. When you come to the Sports Club to sign in for your court reservation, the Sports Club Attendant will be happy to give you the latest in Pickleball paddles and a ball to check-out. All complimentary. In addition, if you would like to have your own pickleball equipment, the Club has the latest in pickleball paddles and balls for our members to purchase at the Sports Club Front Desk. 

I want to try it, but need someone to play with?

Anyone interested in playing with some fellow Pickleballers can simply come out on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm for Open Pickle Play, which means just show up ready to play!