Personal Training

You and your goals are unique.

Our specialized trainers tailor programs for your needs and goals. Royal Oaks Country Club is one of the only Clubs in Texas to offer specialized training by a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Professional and KINSTRETCH mobility. We offer golf fitness assessments, fitness assessments, nutrition coaching, power and speed testing to measure progress.

Our staff is highly qualified to: 

  • TRX Training

  • Pilates
  • Yoga for Golfers

  • Volleyball Coaching

  • Golf Fitness

  • Strength, Mobility and Power Training Sessions

  • Water Aerobics


Certified Personal Trainers 

Pam Owens, ACSM-CPT
Johnny Reyes, ACE-CPT
Bob Tait, Yoga for Golfers
Steven Islas, ACSM-CPT
Shayne Haley, ACSM-CPT
Cathy Staerker, NASM-CPT

We know you all have busy lifestyles. The Royal Oaks Country Club Sports Team are here for you design customized fitness homework, travel programs and online nutrition accountability.

Corporate Speaking and Clinics

Schedule a fitness or health talk or clinic at the Club for your next organization's offsite outing. Our Fitness Director, has over 20+ years of experience in leading groups and public speaking on a topic to suit your group. We may also provide the facility, food and beverage.

Pam was recently awarded , 2017-2018 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals, by Golf Digest! She is a long-time Level-3 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Professional in the state of Texas and is an industry leader in results-based training, designing fitness programs, nutrition coaching and more, Pam is a great asset to the Royal Oaks Country Club team taking our Fitness Program to new heights. Members enjoy improving their golf game by taking her KINSTRETCH classes and personal training.
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