Royal Oaks Country Club Fitness & Spa

Imagine Yourself Inspired.

With expanding facilities, Royal Oaks Country Club Sports Club offers a variety of programming from personal training, group exercise classes, Kinstretch, TRX, Pilates, nutrition coaching and so much more. Members can take advantage of the beautiful luscious surroundings as they participate in outdoor yoga classes, water aerobics or enjoying a relaxing job within the Royal Oaks Community. Whether you are a professional athlete seeking personal training or simply looking to engage in an active lifestyle, here at Royal Oaks Country Club we have just the right choice for you.

Royal Oaks Country Club is the only facility in Houston to offer this program and one of two facilities in the state of Texas. KINSTRETCH promotes, encourages, strengthens mobility development, body control, joint strength, injury prevention and flexibility in addition to becoming a popular training program used by professional athletes today.

Member Testimonial

"I reached the point in my career, while on the PGA Tour, where I felt I was losing my athleticism. I starting working with Pam on increasing mobility and strength as she introduced me to KINSTRETCH and FRC. For the past two seasons we have worked hard to maximize my athletic ability. As a result my body is in the best shape it has ever been in. I now have more control of my body, giving me more control of the golf club, ultimately giving me more opportunities to content on tour. It has improved my golf game and I know it help yours too!"  - Roger Sloan, @RogerSloanGolf


With the Pros

"I had a fun opportunity to do a class with ASTROS third Baseman Alex Bregman and other MLB players. I went through extended CARs, 90/90 hips, shoulder external rotation, barrel roll for core “anti-rotation” and maximal expansive breathing. They all survived and actually want to do it again."  - Fitness Director, Royal Oaks Country Club

From left to right: Jared Lakind (Marlins), Blair Beck, Pam Owens, Alex Bregman (Astros), Michael Bourn (free agent), Gregory Deichmann (Athletics), Michael Papierski (Astros), Tyler Straub (Royals) 



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