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Let me guess...


Most golfers play undernourished, dehydrated, tired, achy, tight, experience loss of focus and energy dips throughout a round of golf. 

You are not alone! And it isn't because you lack willpower, don't have enough time, or you're just lazy. It’s not your lack of follow through or even desire. It’s because you’re focusing on the status quo eating.

Most golfers don't realize how much more consistent and energetic they can be when they play. Most don't understand that they can recover quicker and get back on the course without pain killers and numbing techniques. 

Truth time, you can’t ignore the downward spiral your performance is going down when you use quick fixes like caffeine, sugar, alcohol and pain killers to make it through. Staying healthy, hydrated and fueled well can be HARD with the long rounds, limited food choices and the logistics of being outside in the weather. I suspect you've packed snacks before or grabbed what's available at the halfway house or just not eaten at all.

The answer to consistent energy, effort, focus and muscle support is to strategically fuel up your talent and skills before, during and after golf to gain consistent energy, power and health.

I've seen the huge improvements in my clients' performance too when they used my formula developed over 9 years of nutrition coaching, 25 years in fitness with 12 years specifically in golf.

We can at least agree that you don't consistently play at your peak performance and there is always room for eating better.

"After breaking down our extensive ShotLink data we noticed a recurring loss of focus in the middle of the back nine. We attributed this to poor nutrition. With Pam’s expertise we were able to identify the proper snacks and when to consume them.  Pam has helps ensure I have the mental and physical edge needed to compete against the world’s best golfers from the 1st tee to the 18th green."  Roger Sloan, PGA Tour

Thankfully, I created the FUEL UP course with 5 key pillars to help you discover how to stop the cycle of poor nutrition, chasing hydration and playing in an achey inflamed body so you can use your talent and skills consistently in the game you love.  

With my formula, you will see a dramatic difference in your energy, feel more focus and stamina and take 100% control of your health and performance. You'll use your skills like you always wanted to!

If you're a golfer who wants to eliminate "unforced errors" from questionable nutrition and drink, then I hope you'll join me for the custom-focused 5-week FUEL UP YOUR PERFORMANCE discovery.

The Course Cost is $297, or Two Payments of $159!


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Lean Up

Online nutrition weight-loss coaching. Creating healthier lifestyles. Real life testimonials on how Precision Nutrition changed their lives. Join Lean-Up with certified PN Coach, Pam Owens.

Register Today!

Please call Pam Owens at 281-899-3236 or email her at to register and for more information.


  • Private nutrition coaching done ONLINE on your own schedule; no meetings, no appointments and no calorie counting.  

  • Optional workout program is now available within the same platform through your private password-protected access with monthly 30-minute private coaching sessions with Pam Owens. 

  • Accurate nutrition information, coaching support and all the tools you need at your fingertips. 

  • Progress tracking for measurements & weight within your online profile.

  • 30 minutes maximum a day for lessons (available in audio file too) tailored to your on-the-go lifestyle.

  • Track your compliance rate to easily identify what works for you to get great results.

  • Certified PN Coach Pam, monitors your results and provide feedback and support when needed.

  • Curriculum is scientifically-based and historically successful designed separately for men and women used with 45,000 clients over 10 years.

  • Topics cover ALL nutrition-related habits and nutrition behaviors, mindset, sleep, stress, supplements, cooking, shopping, travel food and dining out. 

  • Learn new habits to sustain a lifetime of positive change.

Program Options

Get the results you and learn how to keep the habits you learned throughout the year transforming your life through this sustainable program. This enables you to create habits and easy systems as well as develop a working knowledge of when and how you succeed. 

6 - 12 Month Nutrition + Workout Program:

  • $249/month per Member

  • $300/month per Couple


Programs Include:

  • Daily lessons, 30 minute maximum
  • All nutrition aspects for health, weight management, performance
  • Weekly workout plan with phases to progress each month
  • Online progress tracker & accountability with Coach Pam
  • Ongoing support and guidance with Coach Pam

Terms & Conditions: 

Your membership account will be billed once a month for 12 months. You may cancel at any time with 30 days written notice. Program is designed for weight management, improved health and energy/performance goals and not for those who need medically-supervised nutrition.

Support Network: 

Optional participation is available in a private FaceBook group, where you can observe, share insights and experiences, exchange information, provide support and have additional accountability. When the times get tough (and they will!) you'll learn to stick to it or get back on track with your good habits. In this program you will develop the ability to recover from challenges that have previously been roadblocks to your success. 

Member Testimonies

"I've been working with Pam through this program for the last 6 months and can testify that the coaching is thorough and scientifically sound. I was surprised at how many areas of my life like mindset, sleep, travel, stress and other nutrition choices were impacting my health and especially my weight. I have learned a lot and have made slow but impactful changes over the months that have resulted in 12 pounds lost. The program is very comprehensive and also easy to follow with my busy schedule. My doctor is pleased with the progress which is leading me closer to my goals of preventing heart disease, diabetes and improving other health markers. I am so glad I started the program when I did. I would highly recommend Pam's nutrition coaching."  
- Matt Aguiar, ROCC Member

"I love this program. I have learned a ton about myself. I have only lost a few pounds in this first 3 months but so many other things have changed for the better. Others are saying I look happier, healthier and smaller. My clothes fit better. I look forward to the rest of the lessons and know that this is a way for me to permanently change for the better. "  
- S.R. (female), ROCC Member